Protection of Personal Data

Olgarlar Inc. Disclosure on Protection of Personal Data and Processing of Personal Data

Personal Data

Your personal data are data that allows you to be identified in such a way that it is separated from other individuals. It is a must for us to convey your personal data in the legal and human relations we establish in social life. In this text we as Olgarlar aim to explain why we need your personal data, how we obtain them, and how we process them.

Who Collects Your Personal Data?

We are collecting personal data of our customers except for our staff, suppliers and solution partners who are in business relationship with Olgarlar.

Data Collection, Data Processing Methods, Our Objectives

- We make documents, such as invoices and receipts, using the data sent to us under the sales contract when customers shop from our stores. In this context, our customers' surname, contact information and the place of residence are requested.

- We keep the data given to us for the convenience of fulfilling the sales contract-based requests of our customers, such as returns and defective items.

- We store the personal data of our customers who shop from our internet store in order to establish a distant sale contract, to complete the shopping, to deliver the ordered products to our customers in a timely and complete manner, and to share with the financial companies that deal with the payment with the shipping companies operating in the country.

- We store our customers' information such as age, gender and preferred products of our customers who shop in our stores or online stores, to serve our customers better, to determine the trend in the market , and to use it in our sales analyzes and various statistical studies. These statistical studies are displayed as general sales reports by the relevant department managers. Unauthorized staff do not have access to customer data.

-  We process the personal data of the members who signed the membership agreement within the framework of SPX - EXTREME Card program, SPX Mobile application and SPX website membership, which we have established as Olgarlar, Our customers are included in the program by accepting the terms of the contract in their client programs. In this context, we keep the information of each member. By analyzing the shopping habits of our members, we inform the communication tool that we have about the appropriate campaigns. We generate sales analysis and statistical data that do not contain personal information from our members' data on shopping.There is no transfer of customer data while performing data processing operations within Olgarlar.

- If you give permission for Olgarlar, we will send you commercial messages to the contact address you have specified so that you can be informed about the current campaigns and take advantage of special offers. In order to receive these commercial messages, we will give your contact address to third parties we have contracted.

Data Security

Olgarlar does not transfer data obtained from clients abroad. It does not share this data with business and solution partners unless it is required by data processing.The data stored in the Olgarlar are stored and processed within the computers and servers within the Olgarlar or in the solution partners who provide data storage services in the country where Olgarlar has an agreement.Your personal data is available to our authorized staff operating in the Olgar, linked to the purpose of data collection.The Olgarlar staff does not perform data processing that is not covered by the personal data processing policy.

Our Understanding of Data Processing

- Olgarlar processes data in connection with the relationship and purpose that causes data processing.

- Olgarlar proceed its data in accordance with the legislation, in particular the Law of the Protection of Personal Data - Olgar does not process data for any other purpose than those described in this form.

- Olgarlar actively make sure of the actuality and accuracy of the collected personal data.

- Olgarlar processes data for the purpose of processing the data and for a limited time. -Olgarlar eliminates the data it processes by periodically anonymizing it when the purpose is achieved.

Individual Data Rights

Olgarlar respects the data subjects' rights associated with the Law of the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the relevant legislation. These rights are:

- To Know if your personal data has been processed - Request personal information if your personal data is processed.

- To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately.

- Knowing third parties which personal data is shared with at home or abroad.

- Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed.

- Request the deletion or destruction of your personal data to the extent that the purpose of processing your personal data occurs

- Request to be notified to third parties where personal data is transferred in case the personal data is corrected or deleted, destroyed or anonymized.

- Disapproval the result of analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems.

- Requesting the removal of damage in case of loss due to unlawful processing of personal data Olgarlar acts in full compliance with your rights arising from these and the related legislation.