Frequently Asked Questions
  • I want to buy a snowboard, but what size do I need?

    When choosing your snowboard size, it is important to choose the appropriate snowboard according to your weight, as the pressure you apply to the snowboard, that is, the bearing force of the snowboard is an important factor. As the user's weight increases, the size of the snowboard increases, and the snow press area increases.

    However,snowboard models have different widths and styles so each model can use different sizes. For example: A 170cm snowboarder weighing 70 kgs can use the 157cm length A model of Rossignol and use the 152cm board in the B model with wider body.(The measurements are fully represented.)

    In general, we can say; The length of the board you will buy should be about 15-20 cm shorter than you. (If your weight and height ratio is close to the standards) If your weight is more and your height is shorter than the height of the board may be longer. We can say this in the opposite.

  • What is Freeride?

    Skiing on heavy snow. Often freeride boards are longer. The main reason why they are bigger is to ski on the snow by carrying your body weight and not to sink. The front parts are more flexible than harder back parts.

  • What is Freestyle?

    Hopping from the ramps is to jump. Showing off is part of free style. The back of these boards is harder, front part is more flexible.

  • How do I ski in heavy snow?

    It is recommended to use freeride board to ski in heavy snow. In this case, the direct leg weight makes you comfortable, but if your board is not suitable for a lot of snow and you feel that you are sinking, you can have more weight on your back by lifting your nose to the air.

  • Should I use a helmet?

    Actually you should wear a helmet when you do sports that include high speeds. Especially if you ski adventurous and with high speed, you should wear a helmet because it will protect you and keep your head warm. You may feel a bit strange at first, but soon you will get used to it. You also need to use protection accessories such as hip protection, spine protection, loafers, wristband. You can think of them as the Airbag in your car, maybe you'll never need it, but there's no harm in using it, it's useful.

    Rossignol offers many innovations to ski sports. Rossignol is a technology giant, and is a full performance / technology-based brand. It is also the number one choice of Rossignol racers, the world's largest winter sports group. Rossignol's world market share last year was around 42%. This shows that you can truly rely on Rossignol products with peace of mind.

  • How safe is it to get skiing or snowboarding online?

    If the brands you buy are under our brand, ie they have SPX in front of the name; Then you are purchasing products from a company with 20 years of "experience, quality, trust and customer satisfaction guarantee". SPX, which is the leader in this field, aiming to provide fast and high quality service with its SPXSHOP.COM without going to an extra cost. Our online store, which has been active for 1 year, has already provided service and information to 1000 SPX customers in the field of skiing and snowboarding. With 20 years of SPX experience, you can shop safely.

  • How should I choose my ski size?

    In fact, there is no single answer to this question. After the answer of several different questions, different size alternatives should be left to the choice of skiers.

    Your weight is what is important when choosing your skii’s length and belt, while your height is actually one of the least valuable criteria. The important factor is the pressure you will apply to the ski, and this is a calculation of your weight and speed of the skiing.

    As the user’s weight increases, the height of the ski increases,and the area of ​​the ground that touches the snow surface increases. However, every model has a different width and style so each model can use different sizes.

    For example: A 170cm mid-range skier with 70 kg is able to use a 160cm height in the A model of Rossignol and a 157cm size in the larger B-model. (The measurements are fully represented.)

  • How do I know if my shoe fits my foot?

    First of all, you should know that you are the only person who can understand and know this, neither do we, the ski champion of the world, nor the technical consultants on sale. You have your feet in the shoe and you have to decide whether this shoe fits you or not.

    There are questions to help you understand this, ask yourself and answer yourself:

    1-Is the nose of the shoe touch my foot? It may touch slightly (even slightly, since it is an advantage because it helps you understand that your shoe is full), but you should not feel the pressure on your toes and you should be able to move your fingers.

    2-What will happen after getting weary? When you first wear the shoe, first close the clips in the upper wrist section and then lean forward before closing the clips; this will cause the foot to slide backwards as in the skiing position and the heel is in place. So you will get rid of buying a big shoe for yourself.

    3- Does my heel get off the floor when you lean forward with breaking my knees slightly? It can move slightly but not much.However Caution! Your heel should not stand when you release yourself. You can set this by clipping on the shoe and try again.

    4-Should your feet tighten ? You need to understand the word tightening correctly. Shoes should be wrapped around your foot at every point and should never be big, but more importantly, it should never be small. It should give you a feeling that surrounds your feet from every point but does not hit a single point. In short, it feels normal to feel like wearing tight socks.

  • When I first wear my ski shoe and close the clips, my foot tingles and makes a slight pang. Why is that ?

    When the foot from a daily shoe enters into a ski shoe and is tightened with clips from every point, blood circulation changes and tingling may occur. This is mainly due to the fact that the skier tightens the clips as much as possible. However, when you first wear the shoe, you should give it a little time to get used to it. This way, you can ski on snow,and tighten the clips a few more times.In this way, your feet won’t be tingled you. Good skis!

  • Does ski binding affect my performance and why is it important?

    Your binding is the insurance for you and your legs. The connection has nothing to do with the ski performance or pleasure, it is only for safety. The better you get a tie, the more secure you are. In the meantime, a skier who uses a good connection with new technology is almost impossible to get injured due to equipment. Of course, before skiing, as in every sport, doing a light stretch, warming the body and muscles will keep you away from many injuries.

    In Switzerland, which sets the binding standards and gives permission for production, D.I.N. According to the establishment of Rossignol Axial bindings the rate of misfire is 0%. Rossignol is also a leader in this field.

  • Why is Carving skiing useful?

    The idea of Carving has changed the fate of skiing it made the sport much easier. The most beautiful aspect of Carving Skis is that they have generally shortened their size and are very easy to enter and exit.They're so much fun and if you're still using classic skiing, you're missing a lot. Get a Carving ski right away to experience this incredible difference.

    Rossignol is the world's largest ski brand, but every brand has such a claim, which one should believe?

    Rossignol is the world's first, best-selling, most world cup winner and the most world champion winner in the world.

    What brand is better is a subject that can be changed from person to person, while the data mentioned above are numerical and historical values that are not open to interpretation.

  • What are the benefits of steel at the edge of the foot?

    When you look at your skis, you can see sharp steel at the edges. That's what makes it easy for you to turn around comfortably and not to let the ski run under your feet. Every year, at least once a month to have maintenance of these steels will help you ski more enjoyable.

  • SideCUT is a term that I hear a lot. What is it and what does it do?

    It is called nose, center and tail measurements. In other words, the nose of 105-67-99 has a nipple of 105 mm, the core of which is 67 mm, and the tail with a width of 99 mm. This margin measure determines the radius of the circle that the skier will complete when the maneuver enters. For this reason, we can see wider nose and tail dimensions on slalom skis, but we can find narrower widths on large slalom skis. Depending on your ski style, the edge dimensions of the ski you choose will also change.

  • Which ski is suitable for me?

    Selecting the skiing that suits your ski style will allow you to ski more pleasantly. For this, you can contact our customer service sales consultants or catalogs. You can choose Runway, Slalom, Big slalom, Plenty of snow or hobby models.

  • Is skiing technically different in heavy snow?

    Skiing is one of the most enjoyable things in the world, you feel as if you are floating in space, you will not feel any impact from the ground.

    If you have the right skis for heavy snow, all you have to do is give your weight to the full center point of the skiing, that is, under your feet. In this way, you can stand on the balance of the ski and neither the nose nor the tail area will sink in the snow, which allows you to swim over the snow. For this reason, heavy snow skis have a fat body (FAT Ski) If your normal runway skis with lots of snow, to prevent the sinking of the nose of the skis in the snow you may need to give a little more backwards, but if you exaggerate it, this time the tail will be sinking and can not maneuver. Therefore, it is very important to use a wide-bodied ski in heavy snow.

  • Why do they call FatSki (fat ski)?

    Skiing in the snow is really a great pleasure. The main factor that makes the heavy snow ski feel different from the track belt is that there is no impact from the ground. This gives you the feeling that you are in the air. In short, 1 meter deep in a sea of snow or you feel like you are flying. Of course, you can swim on the snow surface in the meaning of the dictionary to be able to slide in a snow at this depth. Skis of normal thickness cannot swim and sink, which in turn affects your ski negatively. But the wide range of snow skis floats comfortably on the snow surface and allows you to maneuver easily. For this reason, the bodies of Freeride skis are wide.

  • How do you know the answer of all these questions?

    We know the answer of all these questions because we have been skiing on our own, we've researched a lot, fell in love with these sports, received training from Rossignol experts twice a year, and tested all the products.

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