About SPX

We're the SPX team. We're a big family.

We offer clothing, equipment and accessories to the people who are passionate about nature that will make them compatible with nature for four seasons.

Our Values;


Our Customers expect the right orientation, brand and product variety, innovation and difference from us.By utilizing our industry experience we create the most accurate collections every season and we constantly follow the newest brands and products.

We are passionate about nature

We like being out. We take our energy from nature. Whether it's an adrenaline-filled sporting activity or an oxygen-filled walk, we believe it's a must to spend as much time as possible in nature.

We love our business and we know it well.

We combine our amateur spirit with our technical product knowledge and offer to our guests with a professional approach. We continually improve ourselves without compromising our truths and business ethics. Sport is not just a job for us, but also a part of our daily routine.

Our brands

Rossignol, the world's largest winter sports brand, and Burton the creator of snowboarding, and Quiksilver and Roxy, who are inspired by the roots of the mountain and the waves, continue to design young products in a constantly changing culture, inspiring young people to experience extreme sports, Billabong, the world's leading outdoor footwear brand from Merrell and the world's most important mountain sports brand Salomon,Babolat, the world's first brand that specializes in racquet sports, especially tennis. Olga Inc. the parent company which is connected to the SPX brands that made the exclusive representation and distribution in Turkey. This brand of Rossignol and Burton SPX is only sold in stores in Turkey.

The iconic winter brands in the world Bogner Fire + Ice, Phenix, Spyder, Flow SPX are among the strongest brands in the winter portfolio.The young brand Routefield, which stands out with its college look in the lifestyle clothing category,Skechers, inventors of skateboard shoes, legendary glasses and goggle brand Oakley, The North Face, Salice, Aquarapid, Speedo, Arena, Salvas, Mares aall the brands In this category are pioneering brands among many other brands are under one roof, at the same time, at the same price on the SPX Store!

Our History

The purpose of SPX, founded in 1989 by the love of former national volleyball and combat veteran staff officer, Güven Olgar and his wife Kadriye Olgar; Since the opening of the first store in Bakirkoy, it has been specialized in individual sports. Focusing on winter and racquet sports in the early years, the store does not go beyond the adrenaline / alternative sport categories which are the only areas of expertise today. In the field of adrenalin lifestyle, we present more than 65 brands, one of the best in its category.

Our goal as SPX has always been to go in front of the world. Not only with our expertise, but also with our product range and prices have always been very ambitious; we will continue to be the pioneer of the sector without compromising on these issues.

Hope to be together in many adrenalin filled, dynamic, exciting and sporty years.

Our Sites


spx.com.tr idea, before you come to SPX stores you like to do research on the internet, your favorite products in the store, will be delivered to your door complete and fast As we know that you find it easy to place an order over the internet, it is designed with all the attention to detail. Now, when you're passion for nature comes alive, when you want to be outdoors, all the clothes, equipment and accessories you need are renewed to make it easier and faster to come to your door. The best apparel and equipment from dozens of categories in spx.com including: snowboarding, skiing, outdoor footwear and clothing, tennis / table tennis, adrenaline lifestyle clothing, swimming, skating, skateboarding, bag, surfing, fitness, watches, glasses brands, You will find a single address with descriptive and accurate orientations.

Our Team

We know what we sell, we love our business.

With our team of approximately 300 people in our Kıraç Logistics Center, 7.000 m2 Kıraç Logistics Center, İstanbul Ulus Management building and our stores, we are working to provide expert service to our guests at every point where we offer our products.

We are taking them to centers in the USA and Europe so that our expert staff who are passionate about sports, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboards, surfing, playing tennis, and skateboard instructors can improve themselves.We teach you the latest trends in the world and the latest technological developments in the products and we constantly train them to give you the latest technical information.

As SPX team, we also do sports and enjoy the adrenaline. We try and use our products, we know what we sell. We enjoy sharing our expertise with you.

It is your turn

Join Our Team.

At SPX, we take into consideration our employees' interest in nature and sports as well as their work experience, product information and service skills. We expect our employees to reflect their passion for nature to their work and inspire our guests with their stories.

We are a family

We evaluate the time we spend in our business in the best way, we continuously improve our product and technical knowledge. SPX participates in events organized by our stores and brand teams, and we see these activities as an opportunity to strengthen our ties within the team. Our passion for nature, which is our common point, can bring us together one day on a snowboard race in the mountains, one day on a surf lesson and on a trekking trip one day. It's a pleasure to be part of this family.